Def:  ‘the small, precise, or trivial details of something’

This is your opportunity to be in issue 5, have your work in print, and stocked in renowned stores across the UK, such as: Open Eye Gallery, PrintCultureStore, Unitom, and much more. 

Once again, we’re not after an image to depict the dictionary definition, we want to know what does Minutiae mean to you?

Is it the close-up detail of macro, a particular point in a vast landscape, a face in a crowd or a chance expression that sets the tone? As always, you can submit up to three images, accompanied by a 150 word description of how your work captures the theme.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. This is not a social media safe space, this is somewhere to showcase your bold vision and uncensored creativity. Push yourself.
Submissions to the Open Call are FREE. 

Pretence is in print, online, on social media, in galleries and shops.

Get involved.

Stuck for ideas? Check out previous issue contributors in our GALLERY and BLOG.




  • Submit up to 3 lens-based images relating to the theme.


  • Provide a short description explaining the process, how the images fit the theme or what it means to you (Between 100 - 200 words) Include image titles and links to websites and social pages so we can credit you!


  • Ensure that images submitted are high resolution and are able to be printed clearly at A4. Images must be at least 300dpi.


  • Image formats accepted are: .TIF .JPG .PNG you can attach your submission to the email. However, we recommend using a file transfer site like WeTransfer or sharing via a Google drive link.


  • Submit via email to: info@pretence.co.uk or if you have a transfer link you can submit via the form below.


  • Deadline for submission is Sunday the 10th of September 2023 23:59 (GMT).


  • By submitting you are confirming that you have read the submission term & conditions HERE

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