Here you will find highlights from recent contributors, staff and people with a visual story to share. Look out for themes announced on our homepage. If you have something you think fits, get in touch!

SAM BATLEY (Contributor)

Sam Batley knows about the literal depths of highs and lows.  After battling addiction Batley shares his journey with creativity, from photography to award winning films “…life is the opposite of what it was. Art saves”. Check out more of Sams work HERE

SARAH GROUNDS (Contributor)

Sarah uses traditional photographic techniques and photo manipulation to project a surreal image of her personal experiences and feelings in day-to-day life. Sarah has recently won the BBA Photography One Shot Award for her self-portrait work from the project titled "Alone". Check out Sarah Grounds portfolio HERE

ANT MAIN (Pretence Collective)

Using photography as a starting point, Ant twists and subverts images to tell a new story. Using analog and digital photography as a base, Ant likes to get hands on with the work and introduce traditional printing techniques to add an extra layer of detail. You can check out more work on his Instagram accounts HERE & HERE

CRAIG WALSH (Pretence Collective)

Often influenced by current affairs, Craig’s current work looks at left behind worlds.  Striving to find his own questions and answers, Craig’s interpretations use symbolism and metaphors to deliver a visual narrative. Craig's main medium is analog photography, which adds a gritty, but very real, dimension to his images. You can view more of Craig's work HERE.

ELLIE DIXON (Contributor)

Ellie Dixon is a Digital artist specializing in photography and lens-based media. Their work illustrates feminist movements, mental health awareness and other political issues. Through experimentation, and the use of traditional and contemporary techniques, Ellie has developed a unique and distinct monochromatic style. You can view Ellies portfolio HERE.  

IGOR BARANCHUK (Contributor)

Our man in Moscow, Igor Baranchuk, has some very serious photographic values and realistic expectations. Exploring daily life in Russia through photography, he highlights life that is not always apparent in common media. Igor has kindly shared some work from his recent portrait project. You can read more about Igor in our second issue "Illicit" HERE. You can also check out Igors portfolio HERE.


Patrizio Mancuso is an Italian photographer currently based in Vietnam.  Far from being a social media traveler in search of the next “hidden” Like, Mancuso is absorbed in his surroundings.  Setting a clash between traditional and new, Mancuso looks into those close to him.  You can see more of Patrizio's' work HERE