Federico Renzaglia - Sumo

E'un sacco che non sputi allo specchio per lavarti la faccia. In che punto finisce la nebbia in questa pianura? E adesso tutte le strade mi portano ad altre campagne. Dove perdergi quando fa buio e mi fa paura. (orgasmo - calcutta).  E allora dimmi dove mi vuoi portare. (cane-calcutta).

It's been a long time since you spit in the mirror to wash your face. Where does the fog end on this plain? And now all roads lead me to other campaigns. Where to get lost when it's dark and it scares me. (orgasm - calcutta). Then tell me where you want to take me. (dog-calcutta).

A photograph of Sumo, by Federico Renzaglia, took the front cover of our Autumn 22 ‘illicit’ issue. 

Dressed only in underwear, Sumo stands astride two pillars.  Arms out wide a smirking Sumo proudly shows himself off.  Here I am.

The photograph is taken from a photobook of the same name, Sumo. The book follows Sumo on his journey into the night, as he unwinds and releases the responsibility of life. 

Renzaglia crafts and creates his own photography books and zines through his own independent label, Autoproduzioni Maledetto Cane.  Sumo is a small stitched book with handwritten text that lends itself perfectly to the intimate nature of the narrative.  It is one of several books offered by Renzaglia.  

Edgy, confident, personal and unique, Sumo has everything you want from an independently produced photobook.  At 5€ his books are a bargain.  I’ve got one, I will be getting more.

To see more from Renzaglia visit @autoproduzioni_maledetto_cane and @federicorenzaglia_fotografie or www.federicorenzaglia.com